Working with export agents

book coverBrilliant Fixer suggests a book:

Negotiating with an export agent

How to create a sustainable relationship?

It can be purchased from various online book stores. Prices starting from 47 USD.


How to create a sustainable relationship with an export agent, when in fact the interests of two parties are so different from each other? There is always some sort of a conflict of interests between manufacturers and their agents. For the agent it seems the products are too expensive and hence difficult to sell, whereas the producer feels the agent makes too much profit on the sale of their products. An agent faces a double risk when it enters a relationship with a supplier. If sales fail to materialize in spite of big efforts, the agent might be dropped for non-performance. On the other hand, if sales materialize, again the agent risks being dropped as the supplier gains control of the agent’s market. The following book will cover the whole process of negotiation from determining what both parties can expect from each other until signing a contract. Psychological and cultural aspects are also discussed. The following work will help managers, sales directors and lawyers conclude agency deals. It is especially useful for companies that can not afford hiring new people for market expansion or are looking for new ways to increase sales.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
ISBN 978-3-8383-6462-9, paperback, 68 Pages


Kairi Kurm

Kairi Kurm, MSc: Studied business at Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Business School and IESEG School of Management (France). Currently an entrepreneur helping companies in business networking. Also engaged in marketing projects with her company Brilliant Fixer Ltd. Previous work experience mainly in journalism and export promotion.


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