Experts forecast good summer crop yields

Experts are forecasting a good summer crop harvest in Estonia this year. “If we get a reasonable amount of rain during the coming week we can expect a very good summer crop harvest,” Ando Adamson, researcher at the Estonian Research Institute of Agriculture, told BNS. “Summer crops look very fine this year. Dry weather or rain may have caused damage in individual places across Estonia, but that is not remarkable,” he said.
Adamson said the cool and wet spring gave summer crops a start that was even too good and made plants come up densely. Another researcher talking to BNS, department head of the Jõgeva Plant Breeding Institute Ilmar Tamm, said forecasting of crop yields was difficult as it depends greatly on the weather in July and in August.
He, too, said that the situation of summer crops was predominantly good at the moment. “The yield now depends on whether there’ll be drought and what the weather will be like during the harvesting time,” he said. “For summer crops we can forecast a yield at least from average to good,” said Tamm.

Source: Estonian Review

The number of new domains exceeds 3,000

Today the 3,000th .ee domain was registered following the transition to the new domain procedure on 5 July 2010. The registration application of the domain reached the Estonian Internet Foundation via a registrar at 11:07 a.m.

“The results show that the Estonian sign on the Internet, the .ee domain, is gaining popularity,” said Marek-Andres Kauts, the Chairman of the Board of the Estonian Internet Foundation. “It seems that even the extreme heat outside does not keep people from submitting applications for registration of the desired .ee domain.”

For comparison, pursuant to the old procedure 10,000 domains were registered per year. This means that according to the new open domain procedure a third of the former annual registration rate has been achieved in a week and a half.

Siim Karutoom, the registrant of the domain, said that he is most pleased with the transition to the new domain procedure and was able to register the desired domain as an individual. “I want to create a film portal. I am an undertaking, but my company already has one domain and according to the former procedure I could not get another domain for the film portal.” Karutoom added that he considers the domain fee reasonable, because a very low fee similar to that charged for .com and .net domains would be too fruitful soil for speculative registration of .ee domains.

By today, 227 domains registered pursuant to the former procedure have been re-registered.

Source: Eesti Internet SA