Estonia invests 2.9 mEUR in programme for completing higher education

The Estonian government is planning to invest 75 million kroons (EUR 2.9 mln) of resources from the European Social Fund into the TULE (Come) programme of continuing university studies for those who have left them unfinished. On Tuesday Minister of Education and Research Tõnis Lukas endorsed the TULE action plan for 2010 and the budget of the programme until the year 2015.
“Currently, when there is little room on the labour market, is the best time to study. We decided to channel funds to support continuing studies because there are regrettably many young people who have interrupted their studies,” Lukas said.
The budget of the TULE program for 2010 is nearly three million kroons, and next year 27 million kroons. Until the year 2013 continuation of studies will be supported with more than 20 million kroons every year.
So far this year 445 applicants have continued their studies, and in the full four years there are plans to support the continuation of studies at higher education institutions for at least 800 young people. With the assistance of the TULE program it will be possible for those who have interrupted their studies in the school years 2003/2004 through 2008/2009 and have still to cover less than half of the syllabus to continue their higher education studies free of charge.
“Raising one’s qualifications is the best way to prepare oneself for a new rise in the economy and provoke it themselves. So it will be possible for everyone to get interesting and well-paid work in the near future,” Lukas said. Thirteen higher educational establishments have acceded to the TULE program.

Source: Estonian Review


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