Swede becomes largest private landowner in Saaremaa

Swedish multi-millionaire Jonas Wahlström who is among the largest forest owners in Sweden has acquired about 7,000 hectares of land on the island of Saaremaa in the last two years that has made him the largest private land owner on the island.

According to the local newspaper Saare Hääl, Wahlström may have spent up to 150 million kroons on the land in question. He is managing his business in Estonia through Metsnik Ltd that belongs to AB Custos, the investment firm of Wahlström. At present Metsnik owns 6,312 hectares of forest and 876 hectares of agricultural land on the island of Saaremaa, and has other holdings elsewhere in Estonia.

Enno Reis, deputy governor of Leisi municipality where most of Wahlström’s holdings are located, confirmed that the Swede owns about as much land in the municipality as all local forest companies combined. “The figures are fairly high and keep growing. They buy both forested and non-woodedareas land from auctions, private owners and forest companies,” he said.

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