Macedonia and Albania open embassies in Tallinn

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet met with his Macedonian* colleague Antonio Milošoski and Albanian Foreign Minister Ilir Meta in Tallinn. Milošoski and Meta affirmed that each nations plans to open an embassy in Tallinn in the near future.
At his meeting with Paet, Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milošoski confirmed that an embassy would be opened soon and that there was interest to use Estonia’s experiences to help prepare Macedonia for European Union accession. Paet stated that Macedonia has Estonia’s complete support. “According to the 2009 progress report, Macedonia has succeeded in implementing all the legislative changes dictated by the European Commission. This is a commendable accomplishment. It is also significant that Macedonia achieved visa freedom with the European Union at the end of last year,” he added.
Within the framework of their meeting, Urmas Paet and Antonio Milošoski signed the implementing protocol for the agreement on the readmission of illegal immigrants between the two nations.
During the meeting of the Estonian and Albanian ministers in Tallinn, Albanian Foreign Minister Meta stated that Albania has decided to open an embassy in Estonia.
Foreign Minister Paet said that Estonia also supports the EU-related development of Albania and the implementation of visa freedom between the European Union and Albania. “The agreement on the avoidance of double taxation recently signed between Estonia and Albania gives momentum to the development of economic relations. An agreement for the protection of investments should be concluded as well,” he asserted.
Paet added that Albania, as a new member of NATO, plays an essential role in ensuring stability in the Western Balkan region and Europe as a whole.

* Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Source: Estonian Review


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