Tartu river water level reached highest level

Water level in Emajõgi River in Estonia’s second largest city of Tartu rose by 2.5 more centimeters in the past 24 hours, reaching 3.26 meters above point zero, which is the highest level of the last half a century.
In some riverside streets pumps are constantly working to hold back the advancing water and several lower-lying streets have been closed to general traffic although local residents are still allowed to use them.
Traffic restrictions will be in effect till water levels in the Emajõgi River, which bisects the city, go down and road conditions improve. So as to avoid damage to shores caused by sharp waves created by motor boats and additional problems in riverside areas, the governor of the Tartu County on Monday banned, at the city government’s proposal, motor boat traffic on the river.
It is difficult to predict whether the level of water will continue to rise but it is hoped that water levels were stabilising.

Source: Estonian Review