Netherlands will represent Estonia for issuing visas in Jordan

The government approved an agreement by which the Kingdom of the Netherlands will begin to represent Estonia in visa matters in Amman in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The agreement will come into force on 1 November.
Foreign Minister Urmas Paet noted that the ministry works continually to find new opportunities for issuing Schengen visas for travel to Estonia in areas where Estonia does not yet have its own representation. “We would like for Estonia to be represented as much as possible all over the world. People visiting Estonia with a visa use our tourism and other services, thereby making a contribution to the development of Estonia’s economy,” said Paet. “On the basis of this agreement concluded with the Netherlands, in the future citizens of Jordan can apply for a visa to travel to Estonia at the Dutch representation in Amman,” he added.
When applying for a visa, it is generally required to present an application in person at the representation. In order to do this, applicants must frequently travel from their country of residence to a third country, which is expensive for people and also frequently requires applying for a visa to the third country.
The Netherlands already represents Estonia in Kenya and Nigeria, and when the new agreement comes into effect it will also represent Estonia in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Estonia represents the Netherlands in Pskov. Estonia has concluded representation agreements for the issuing of Schengen visas with Austria, Spain, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Slovenia and Hungary. As of 1 November, these countries will be representing Estonia in 58 nations.
Consular matters that are important to Estonia and issues related to the development of the foreign service are regularly discussed within the framework of various meetings. Negotiations for representation agreement are currently going on with several Schengen member states.

Source: Estonian Review