Estonian, Spanish ministers speak about EU IT Agency

Estonian Interior Minister Marko Pomerants, in a meeting with his Spanish colleague Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, spoke about the priorities for the Spanish presidency of the European Union and the future of the IT agency for justice and interior affairs.
The two ministers met in Luxembourg on the sidelines of a session of the EU justice and interior affairs council. At the meeting, the Spanish minister outlined Spain’s priorities in the sphere of interior security for the period of the country’s EU presidency, spokespeople for the Interior Ministry in Tallinn said on Friday.
Pomerants said that Estonia’s interests overlap with the vision of the future president in many areas. The Spanish minister shared Estonia’s positions regarding cyber security and closer EU-US relations.
“It is good to know that Spain, as the future president, supports the creation of a separate agency,” said Pomerants.
In the meeting of the interior affairs council, the EU ministers discussed matters related to the development of the Schengen information system and the European visa information system. The launch of the visa information system that should have been put to work in May this year has been postponed until 2010. The completion of the second generation Schengen information system is delayed by more than five years.
“The delay with these systems is a telling indicator of how necessary the launch of an IT agency and more effective co-ordination of development activities are,” Pomerants said.

Source: Estonian Review

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