Estonia clocks in highest ever local election turnout at 60 pct

Sunday’s elections saw a higher voter turnout than any local elections in Estonia since the restoration of independence.
The turnout figure released by the national election authority shortly after 9 p.m. was 60.3%.
Voter turnout was highest in the capital Tallinn, where it reached 65.3%. It was also 60 % or higher in Harju County (64.3%), Jõgeva County (62.2%), Põlva County (61.7%) and Tartu County (60%).
The ratio was lowest in Saare County (53.6%) and in the city of Tartu (54.9%).
In the past local elections in Estonia voter turnout has remained close to 50%, being the highest in the first post-independence municipal polls in 1993 and the lowest in 2005.
Estonian residents today elected 3 076 members of 226 local government councils whose term of office lasts four years. From 1993 to 2005 local elections were held in Estonia every three years.
The number of candidates in these elections was 15 322 and that of eligible voters 1 094 625.
Unlike in general elections in which only citizens can take part, holders of permanent residence permits who are not citizens of the country can also cast a ballot in local polls in Estonia provided that they have lived in the territory of the respective local government for at least five years.

Source: Estonian Review


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