SmartPost to sell its self-service post-office pack to Italy

When the state-owned Estonian Development Fund announced about a year ago that it will make its first seed investment into “self-service post office” solution provider SmartPost some people were truly amazed, the others kind of dissapointed.

They doubted if that qualifies of being “Estonian Nokia” everybody were looking for.

But now, a year later, SmartPost business idea kind of make sense. The start-up has established a country-wide parcel terminal network (30 terminals in different shopping centres) and offers a really handy parcel delivery service with good price.

Full-pack solution

That goes with a full-package-solution: hardware (parcel terminal), software, payment solution, network planning and operating system tools, client service and all. See the video!

CEO of SmartPost, Indrek Oolup says that the company is in negotiations to license the service-pack to a business client in Italy, that would then put up his own network there and start using an adapted business model.

It’s fascinating that Estonia is the second country in the world with a nation-wide automated parcel service network. DHL has something similar in Germany, but their terminals are located outdoors, making it inconvenient  to use the service in case of bad weather.

Estonia as a good reference

German solution is also much more expensive and less flexible, since, for example, their terminal is not modular and do not have credit card payment option. All that makes Estonia a good reference country for SmartPost in its mission for breakthrough in Western European markets.

Oolup confirms that SmartPost has done really well in Estonia and will soon obtain the market leader position in private parcel delivery sector.

Source: Estonian Technology Community (see video)

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