Estonia invites Germans to the vacation in nature

The Estonian Tourist Board started the summer campaign in Germany, in the frame of which Estonia is for the first time introduced to the Germans as the destination of nature vacation, Enterprise Estonia announced. The campaign organised in the German big cities Berlin and Hamburg and in their close surrounding up to the middle of July sets the objective to introduce diverse opportunities of the Estonian nature vacation to the Germans and thus increase the visiting of different Estonian districts.

According to Tarmo Mutso, the Director of the Estonian Tourist Board, Estonia has never before advertised itself as the attractive destination of nature vacation at the German market. “The aim of this campaign is to emphasize the attraction of compactness and closeness of Estonia – small country two flight hours away involving many exciting experience contrasts. The visual solution of the campaign focuses on the plumpness and diversity of the Estonian nature and responds slyly to the question where such nature can be experienced, “Mutso said. He added that the essential keyword in the campaign is also the expansion of the target group visiting Estonia, especially with younger Germans – the classic visitor of the Baltic countries from Germany is over 50 years old according to the data of Enterprise Estonia.

The main source of communication of the campaign is Internet, the banners inviting to discover Estonia are visible up to 8 July on the most visited Internet sites of Germany: MSN Advertising, Yahoo!Deutchland, Also the citizens of Hamburg and Berlin see the posters introducing Estonia in the metro stations of their cities.

The prize packages are drawn on the website of the campaign which include both the flights and accommodations and take the winners from Germany to enjoy nature in Lahemaa and Saaremaa from Tallinn. The prizes will be 4 flight tickets for two and 4 holiday packages from the Estonian cooperation partners. The main partner of the campaign in Estonia is Estonian Air which provides the special offers with lower prices specially for the campaign.

Several tourism operators of Germany participate with the packages introducing the Estonian nature tourism in the campaign which is added to the website of the campaign. “The Germans usually book their vacation mostly through the tourism operators and travel agencies, Internet is used mostly as the information source, ” Mutso explained.

According to the information of Enterprise Estonia the German tourists held the second place among the foreign tourists staying overnight in the Estonian accommodation facilities after the Finnish tourists, by making 6.4% of the foreign tourists. As to the number of nights spent they held the third place after the Finnish and Russian tourists. When summing up the last year 91 915 German tourists stayed overnight in the Estonian accommodation facilities, which is 6% more than in 2007. Most of the German tourists travel to Estonia within the time period from May to September.

The German tourists travel around Estonia more than the tourists originating from other Western European countries. Compared to the latter the Germans also visit more naturally beautiful places – 45% of them hiked or stayed in the nature.

Tallinn Old City motivates the German tourists foremost to choose Estonia their holiday destination – three fourths of the holiday tourists names this as the key factor in the survey. Two thirds named the wish to become acquainted with the culture and history very important. Beautiful nature was the third in importance – this was named as very important by half of the respondents.

The campaign is financed by the European Regional Development Fund in the mediation of the programme of promoting Estonia as the tourism destination of Enterprise Estonia.

Source: Enterprise Estonia

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