Furniture producers join sales force

Estonian furniture manufacturers join their forces to establish an Estonian furnishings department store to Stockholm and Helsinki, Eesti Päevaleht reports.

By this autumn curtain producer Sunorek and sofa producer Berg will create a group of furniture manufacturers. In that group are Aet Piel’s design plc, lamp creator Tõnis Vellama and Tank Indoor Systems, Finnish furniture modules manufacturer.

“We consider whether to start joint sales in Nordic countries through internet and open a bureau in Helsinki. It’s worth enter the market carefully with new conception. If we succeed, it’s worth considering open a salon in size in 200 sq m,” Indrek Pals, the CEO of Sunorek said.

Estonians want to offer new selection of goods besides big furnishing department stores which are common in Nordic countries. Sunorek has been operating on Finnish market for a long time. The companies plan to come out with common name and action plans at interior fare “Habitare” in Helsinki this autumn.

“According to my vision we should concentrate Estonian designers and producers to sell Estonian production in Finland and Helsinki,” Mart Jõhvikas, the CEO of Borg said.

Big furniture producers said that entering Nordic market is the only right decision.

“It’s worth going to Finland and Sweden, because their economy decreased times less than in Estonia. If they get their foot in the door, they may sell some of our sets as well,” Enn Veskimägi, the CEO of Standard said.

The companies don’t plan to merge.

Source: BBN

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