Tallink’s Baltic Queen starts on Stockholm route

The Baltic Queen, a brand new vessel being completed for Tallink Grupp of Estonia at a Finnish shipyard, is scheduled to start sailing on the Tallinn-Stockholm route on 24 April.
It will replace the Romantika, which will be transferred to the Riga-Stockholm line. Alongside the brand new ship, the Victoria I will continue sailing on the Tallinn-Stockholm route.
Luulea Laane, chief of communication at Tallink, told BNS that according to existing plans the Romantika should start plying between Riga and Stockholm on 8 May.
The Baltic Queen, which cost 180 million euros to build, is the last of the new vessels built under Tallink’s fleet renovation programme.
The ship is 212 meters long, 29 meters wide and can accommodate up to 2 800 passengers.

Source: Estonian Review


Chinese containers will go through Estonia

In nearest months thousands of containers from China will go through Muuga container port, Erik Laidvee, the chairperson of Transiidikeskuse AS told logistikauudised.net.

The breakthrough was achieved when Estonian logistics delegations went to China in the last week of March. Valle Feldmann, the representative of Enterprise Estonia to Shanghai said that Estonian delegation was prepared really well and they prepared compact solution which hasn’t been put together by Estonian delegation to that extension before.

“China’s interest was surprisingly high, compared to visits by previous business groups. To Estonia’s it’s an unique possibility to get to the world’s transit map that powerfully,” Feldmann said.

The transit chain goes from China to Moscow and the companies in the delegation were Estonian Raillways, Transiidikeskuse AS, port of Sillamöe, Mosow customs terminal, Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association and several expeditor companies.

“We sold an unique transit chain, which enables to transport goods from China to Moscow through Muuga port. That included specific tariffs and deadlines,” Laidvee said.

“For the first time in Estonia’s transit history such trade route through Estonia was carried to handbook which is followed by many big carriers,” Raido Rebane, the chairperson of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association’s management board said.

Source: BBN