Former Kalev Meedia bankrupt

Via Concept (former Kalev Meedia), a subsidiary of AS Luterma (former AS Kalev) filed a bankruptcy application to the Harju County Court, the company announced on Tallinn Stock Exchange.

The bankruptcy application is caused by permanent insolvency. The reason behind it is fallen advertisement market in 2008 and the company also couldn’t get additional finances from credit institutions.

Harju County Court will make a decision on bankruptcy process within 10 days.

Source: BBN

Darkening Tallinn increases crime

Jüri Pihl, the Minister of Interior was critical for Tallinn city government’s decision to switch off the lights, when speaking in front of the Parliament yesterday, ERR News reports. 

“The risk of being a victim of the crime is certainly higher in the dark, unlighted streets and in depopulated areas. Local municipalities and companies have a great part here: whether they’re able to cover risk areas with video surveillance, whether they can guarantee street lighting. I’m perplexed that in the mornings the light is gone and certainly the risk of being a victim of the crime has increased,” Pihl said.

He said that one risk group may be pensioners, who move in the mornings – to go out with dog, for instance.

After the lighting has been switched off, video surveillance cameras are also useless.

Tallinn city government confirmed they’re still testing switching off the street lights and next week they have a meeting with the police, ambulance and scientists from the Tallinn University of Technology.

Source: BBN