WWF recognises Estonia for reducing pollution of Baltic Sea

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has commended Estonia as the Baltic Sea country which most effectively reduced maritime pollution in its recent report.

In a comparison of the nine Baltic Sea countries, Estonia has most effectively reduced the effect of harmful substances to the Baltic Sea environment, stated the WWF report released Wednesday in Stockholm.

Among the nine Baltic Sea countries, protection of the marine environment is at the highest level in Germany, followed by Denmark and Estonia.

The WWF compared the Baltic Sea countries in different spheres of the protection of the Baltic Sea marine environment, such as biodiversity, fishery, harmful substances, and maritime transport. The organisation also assessed how management of the sea has been organised in the countries.

The WWF report brought Latvia and Lithuania into a positive light for fighting illegal fishing, as both the countries recently gave environmental inspectors the right to punish those caught poaching on the spot.

Mats Abrahamsson, director of the WWF Baltic Sea region, said that protection of the Baltic Sea needs political leadership that can see above national and different sectors’ interests and will approach the solution of problems in wider terms than it has been done previously.

Source: Estonian Review