Paet: Russia must stop its aggression in Georgia immediately and unconditionally

According to the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs aggression by the Russian Federation against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia must end immediately and unconditionally. “All attacks by the Russian military, including against civilian establishments, have to stop immediately. The Russian Federation must withdraw all its military forces from Georgia without delay” stressed Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. “Only ending of the hostilities can create suitable conditions for peace negotiations,” said Paet.

Yesterday, the UN Security Council discussed twice the military situation in Georgia. “All members of the UN SC, with the Russian Federation as a notable exception, called for an immediate end to the hostilities,” said Foreign Minister Paet. “Russia has shown with its actions, again, that it is not suitable as a peacekeeper in this region,” he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs questions the validity of the argument of the Russian side for moving troops to South-Ossetia, Georgia. If military aggression is being justified by the need to protect Russian citizens, then this should cause concern for all countries with Russian nationals living within their borders.

The Foreign Ministry calls on the UN Security Council, European Union and other international organizations to immediately take the necessary steps to end Russian aggression against Georgia and avoid the escalation of the conflict to neighbouring regions.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs