Estonia to have 2,000 public WiFi areas by 2009

By the next year Estonia will have 2,000 certified WiFi covered areas meant for public use. editor Veljo Haamer told the number of public wireless Internet areas has increased by 300 this year to nearly 1,200 and added that by next year such areas will number 2,000.
“The accessibility of wireless Internet improves from day to day, because a cafe that doesn’t have WiFi lacks visitors,” he said.
By regions, Harjumaa boasts the largest number of WiFi covered areas — 425, of which 372 are in the capital city Tallinn.
The first public WiFi covered area in Estonia was launched in May 2001. WiFi (Wireless Fidelity) is the only wireless data communication standard integrated into the Linux, Windows and Apple operating systems.

Source: Estonian Review