Two Estonians swam across the gulf of Finland

Two Estonians out of a party of six swam across the Gulf of Finland.
The swim started at six in the morning on Finland’s Cape Porkkala and ended on Cape Suurupi in Estonia, a distance of 55 kilometres.
Bruno Nopponen was the first to finish, arriving on the other shore 19 hours and 13 minutes later.
Priit Vehm spent nearly three hours more to cover the distance, arriving on Cape Suurupi after a swim of 22 hours and 22 minutes. Vehm veered east from the course and had to adjust his route.
The other four swimmers did not finish.
There is no information of any earlier swims across the Gulf from mainland to mainland.
On August 17, 1931 the Estonian Aleksander Laas swam from Naissaar Island to a small island off Porkkala, spending 20 hours to cover the 40 kilometre distance.

Source: Estonian Review