Enterprise Estonia and Tallinn Airport will cooperate to increase the number of foreign visitors

On 21 June, Enterprise Estonia and Tallinn Airport signed a cooperation contract, which stipulates their common activities in increasing the number of foreign visitors arriving in Estonia.

“The two main concerns in Estonian tourism today are the uneven service quality and insufficient transport connections,” said Chairman of the Enterprise Estonia Management Board Viljar Jaamu. “In 2004 and 2005, tourism increased mainly due to new transport connections, including cheap flights. However, the position of Estonia in air traffic has deteriorated when compared to, say, Latvia, especially in the eyes of people in Western and Southern Europe. The cooperation contract between Tallinn Airport and Enterprise Estonia is an important measure in making travelling to Estonia easier and thereby increasing the country’s earnings from tourism,” added Jaamu.

According to the contract, the parties will be working together to add new destinations, flights leaving from Tallinn and airlines that operate here. This development work is based on the national tourism development plan, which also stipulated the most important target markets. “This does not exclude any other lines, which would contribute significantly to increasing the number of foreign visitors,” explained Jaamu.

According to the contract, Tallinn Airport will offer airlines discounted airport fees when new destinations are opened and also small-scale marketing activities at the airport. Enterprise Estonia will cooperate with airlines and tour operators in the development and distribution of information materials about Estonia, organisation of tours for foreign journalists and tour operators and also in the organisation of campaigns to introduce Estonia as a travel destination.

Source: Enterprise Estonia

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