Tartu bans Soviet symbol from roadside

The Baltic Times, TALLINN
By Kairi Kurm
Feb 15, 2001

Citizens in the Estonian city of Tartu have collected 245 signatures against the advertisement of a small gas station, Vostok Oil, which depicts a symbol of the Soviet Union – the hammer and sickle.

On Feb. 6, Tartuճ municipality decided not to allow this kind of advertising in the area immediately next to the street at 28 Ringtee, near the center of town.

“The symbols of the hammer and sickle is not prohibited in Estonia,”said Juri Molder, Tartu city secretary. “But as the owner of the land beside the road, the city of Tartuճ refused to give its consent. According to Estoniaճ Law on Roads, permission has to be received from the owner of the road before an advertisement is placed.”He said that the municipality would have had nothing to say if the ad had been placed a little further away from the land they own. He said that the law does not prohibit these kinds of pictures, and in other similar cases the city government may have had a reverse opinion.

“The city government is of the opinion that as the owner of the property it is not obliged to give reasons for its decision,”said Molder. “We took into consideration the opinion of the citizens of Tartu.”
Source: http://www.baltictimes.com/news/articles/4585/

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